Which Online Slot Machines Pay out the Most

Online Slot Machines Pay out

Starting in the mid-1970s, slot machines were always considered as high-end tech. Even though the first machines may seem so outdated nowadays, back in their beginnings, people viewed them as trendsetters of the gambling business. They even outshined some table games, which always had the biggest fanbase. The situation hasn’t changed since.

Maybe it is due to the slot games’ simplicity, their payout percentages, or perhaps both. It’s not so hard to understand how slot machines gained in popularity — once you start spinning the reels, you too will feel their magic.

Slots have no complicated gameplay or rules to suffocate the players even before they begin with their gaming session. Everything seems easy-breezy while you play. All you have to do is prepare some coins and spin the reels.

And once you hit that spin button, the reels in motion will provide you with the ultimate satisfaction while you wait for them to stop. Will it be a total hit or a miss? You can never tell.

Moreover, the rounds themselves don’t take too long. After just a few seconds, the outcome will be known. Naturally, as the technology evolved, so did the slot games. The demand for quality slots just kept increasing, so nowadays, they are just a couple of clicks away.

Moreover, in land-based casinos, you used to have to pull the handle over and over again. These days, you don’t even have to bother with this when playing slots for real money. There is an autoplay option that allows you to click once, sit back, relax, and wait for that ching-chang sweet sound. Does this feature increase your chances of winning? No. But it sure makes it a whole lot easier to play.

The online gambling community started developing some twenty years after the real money slots first emerged. More specifically, the first online casino which allowed players to wager real money opened in 1992. This was a big hit straight away, and the competition became more and more fierce by the day. Now, we can find casinos offering progressive slots, higher payouts, free spins, and many additional bonuses. So how can you decide which slot is the best for your needs? This is no easy task, especially if you are a gambling rookie. Luckily enough, we decided to deliver some of the best tips for video slots out there.

Random Number Generator — Your Foe, Your Ally

If you understand how this part of the slots software works, you can get the bigger picture of which online slot machines pay out the most. We’re confident you’ve heard about this term, also known under its abbreviated version — the RNG. Does it work for you, or perhaps against you?

Well, the answer is both. Think of it as a judge. It is supposed to work as an independent piece of machinery, with no memory whatsoever. RNG does not recall or mark your winnings or your loses. It is supposed to work on complex mathematical algorithms. These are an essential part of RNG, which helps the whole concept be objective and give every player an equal chance of winning.

Essentially, the only factor that can influence the outcome of a game is RNG. No one can make it sway one way or the other — not even the casino management. Naturally, the house edge is the factor which is added into the equation. All in all, the RNG works as following — it spins a whole bunch of numbers in no particular order all the time — regardless of whether anyone’s playing or not. Then, as soon as someone presses the spin button, the RNG stops, and according to the number it stopped on, the symbols will take specific positions on the reels. In a nutshell, each number that the RNG constantly rotates through corresponds to a certain combination of symbols on the reels. All this is a process that takes milliseconds to complete.


Good Slots Have Great Return to Player Percentage

Now, when we talk about which slot machines pay out the most, it’s important to emphasize that all good slots have high Return to the Player percentages. This number is tied to the slots and tells the players the frequency of the actual payouts. On the other hand, we have the house edge. This is the figure which stands for the percentage of money casinos keep every time you invest in a game. For instance, if the house edge is 4%, RTP is 96%.

However, in case you find a high RTP machine, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win. Even though the odds sound really appealing, this number doesn’t represent the average of a single player’s rounds. Instead, it is calculated according to millions of played rounds by everyone who has used that particular slot. And since you are curious about the slots with the best payouts out there, this piece of information can be detrimental for you.

Lastly, we need to highlight one more thing since we’re talking about the whole payout percentage thing. Another piece of information you might find extremely useful would be a game’s volatility. This stands for the frequency of the slot’s payout. Overall, volatility can be high or low. If a slot machine cashes out often, but the winnings are small, this is a low volatility machine. On the other hand, when a slot game pays rarely but the winnings are really big, it’s a high volatility slot.

So which out of these two is the best solution? It’s simple; it all depends on an individual player’s preferences. If you like to take your time and wait for that big win, choose high volatility. However, if small but frequent wins bring you more satisfaction, then, by all means, go for low volatility machines. The all-in-all amount of money you will win remains the same either way.

Difference Between Online Slots and Land-Based Ones

Naturally, the difference is enormous; the whole gambling experience that comes in land-based casinos cannot compare with the online slot games. On the other hand, in both cases, you can find progressive slots with free spins and casino bonuses.

Although, we have to point out the fact that in online casinos, the welcome bonuses and overall offers are much more generous. As long as you complete the wagering requirements, winnings can be very stimulative. And this is a proven fact since RNG ranges from 92 to 97 percent on online slots, while the real slot machines go from 85 to 90 percent. It is safe to say that the online slots are, in fact, more profitable.

Furthermore, the competition in the online gambling business made some delightful casino bonus offers. Online casinos are trying to do anything in their power to attract more members to create an account on their website. The welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses are just some of the ones whose purpose is to bring more member to the casino’s playerbase.

Slot Strategies — Are These Just Myths?

If you’ve ever played some table games, especially poker, you know that here, strategy is everything. So how to win real money playing slots? Well, here’s the brutal truth — there is no viable strategy in slots. Because these machines are operated by RNG, luck is the only thing you can hope for here.

One of the biggest and utterly nonsensical things we’ve heard about slots is the myth of a hot or cold slot machine. Supposedly, the former are the ones who are on a ‘hot streak’ (meaning they’re paying out regularly and frequently), whereas the latter are the ones who haven’t paid out anything for a while. Many gullible gamblers go by the assumption that ‘cold’ machines are bound to pay out soon, so they keep spinning the reels to no end. Hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t work that way. And if you ever had a person tell you differently, then they are either misinformed or a complete fool. All of this is thanks to the RNG.

Slot Strategies

As we’ve mentioned before, no outside factors can actually influence the outcome of a slot spin. Once you start clicking that spin button, you, just like everyone else, have the same odds. It’s not rocket science; just a simple fact. So instead of thinking which of the casino games will pay out the most, just try to enjoy the game itself. There is no guarantee you will win anything, even while playing the highest paying slot out there.

If You Choose a Respectable Casino, Any Slot Will Pay

Will any slot pay? Some would think the answer to this question is hard. Well, the truth is, every slot you choose to play will pay up eventually. Of course, choosing a reputable casino to play at is also an essential factor to consider. I mean, if you don’t pick a trustworthy casino to wager at, you might get scammed and have your winnings confiscated, or worse. This is precisely why it is essential to read the casinos terms and conditions section before you place any deposits. If you see something you don’t like, try your luck at some other establishment.

So you see, this isn’t the matter of which online slot machines pay out the most; it’s about which one pays out more. So our advice to you is to explore a bit and figure out what works best for you. Do you like modern or classic slots more? Do you prefer 3-reel or 5-reel ones? If you choose the 3-reel slots, keep in mind that they have fewer paylines. After all, the more reels, the more paylines you’ll have.

So if you’re fishing for the big win, choose multiple reels. But here’s the catch 22 — if you play on multiple reels, you’ll have to place bigger bets. Just remember that this doesn’t increase your odds. So there is not an objective way to improve the chances; only your deductive skills to choose a safe and enjoyable online casino will be of help.

One of the best parts of online casinos is that they offer progressive jackpots as a fantastic option which promises big prizes, often way higher than on classic jackpots. However, you should be well aware that progressive jackpots sound great but have some of the worst odds you’ll come across. The chances of a player winning that jackpot are pretty low, but once someone wins, it can be a life-changing sum.

Moreover, many online casinos tend to run a linked system of progressive jackpots. This means that all of the players participating in casino games contribute to the size of the jackpot. So if you feel extremely lucky, try your odds here; but the chances of you ever scoring that big win are pretty much equal to the ones of winning the state lottery.

Honorable Mentions

We hope you now understand the bigger picture. Which online slot machines pay out the most is not a matter of a particular game on a specific online casino website. It has multiple factors which contribute to that million-dollar question. RNG is something no one can influence, so count that one out. However, if you make a deposit at a safe casino, you will eventually end up with some winnings, but they will surely come with some loses too. It’s just how games of fortune work. Remember, the house always wins.

Luck is the only factor you can put your hopes in when it comes to playing online slots. Well, some luck and a bit of search for a high RTP machine, that is. All in all, choose the volatility you prefer, relax, and enjoy the experience. As for our personal favorites, the games which brought some of the largest jackpot wins out there and endless hours of fun are slots like Mega Moolah, Aladdin’s Lamp, Hall of Gods, and Aztec’s Millions. So why don’t you try some of them out? After all, maybe you will end up being the next lucky winner. Have fun and may the odds ever be in your favor!

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