How to Win at Slots

How to Win at Slots

Slot games, or pokies, how we like to refer to them in the Land Down Under, are games of chance. Unlike some other casino games, they do not require you to have any particular skill. Poker, for instance, implies strategic thinking, which further implies mastering the rules and lots of practice. Pokies, on the other hand, even though they resemble poker in name, have a completely different concept. The outcome of the game is based entirely on luck.

The other factors that can affect it are closely related to the particular slot machine you choose. In order to enhance your odds of winning, we are going to go through them. The information you are about to acquire will prove useful regardless of the form of gambling you prefer. Whether you are the old-school type of a gambler who likes standing in front of a one-armed bandit at a land-based casino, or a modern type who enjoys playing online slots, you will be able to apply the following tricks to your game.

Choose wisely

Before diving into the details that distinguish slot machines from one another, I must stress the importance of finding a trustworthy. Landing winning combinations is pointless if the casino that holds the game you are playing is not legitimate. This goes for all the games, not just pokies. Just imagine hitting the jackpot and having your winnings voided because the casino decided that it’s not worth it for them to pay you out. It has happened to many people, and the majority of them has not been able to resolve their issues. Do not end up falling into that particular rabbit hole. Instead, learn where it is safe to gamble.

You probably want to know where you can gamble in Australia. Well, given the popularity that pokies have gained over the years, you can find those machines almost at every corner. People play this game all over the country, as it can prove to be rather profitable, not to mention entertaining. However, I strongly advise you to choose only licensed venues. There is plenty of casinos, pubs, and clubs where you can spin the reels, so take your time and find a legitimate place.

Make the Internet your go-to gambling resort


However, when you are in the mood for pokies, but you do not feel like going out and being surrounded by a bunch of people, the solution is online gaming. The expansion of the Internet has given us many new possibilities, and that includes your favourite pastime. Therefore, browse through some websites and choose an online casino that includes video slots in its selection of games. You will not have trouble finding one, as the electronic form of the game is as popular as the traditional form. However, there are even more traps in the virtual gambling world than the real one. Among the vast number of gambling websites, you need to choose the one that you can trust with your funds.

Pay attention to the licensing information, as the website needs to be licensed in order to be considered qualified to operate. However, that is not the only relevant information you should keep an eye on. Read the reviews made by other players and see what their experiences with the particular online casino have been like. See which software companies supply the casino. There is a wide range of providers whose games imply great graphics and lucrative features, which is something you should never take lightly. After all, you are here for the big bickies and a great time, and graphics and features play a key role in achieving that goal.

Unfortunately, the legal changes that happened during the beginning of the century made offering gambling services to people from Australia illegal. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible for you to gamble, but it does make finding a good website rather difficult.

Features, guidelines, and more

Finally, we have come to the part about details you ought to pay attention to so that the reels would spin in your favour. Pokies are not a complicated game, but there are some tips I have prepared for you to make your way towards big winnings easier and more fun. Slot games vary depending on the provider that powers them, so you have quite a few options to choose from. Nevertheless, memorising the details you should be on a lookout for is not difficult, and you will end up with several tricks up your sleeve that will make your chances skyrocket.


Acronyms of high importance

Whenever you engage in talk about pokies, you are destined to hear the acronyms RTP and RNG over and over again. You should not disregard the importance of these abbreviations and their role in a game that turns out to be profitable. I will make sure to explain what they mean and what makes them essential.

RTP stands for return to player. It is expressed in percentages and it is rather significant, because it represents the probability of winning. Therefore, the higher the RTP rate, the higher your chances. Keep in mind that online slots usually have higher RTP rate than the traditional ones. The reason is simple – the choice of virtual pokies is abundant in comparison to their land-based counterparts, so the operators have to make the RTP rate higher in order to attract players. The traditional form of the game implies fewer machines, which is why the players have to settle for what is offered, which further means the operators are free to lower the rate.

RNG is the random number generator. It is a device that makes the outcome of the game unpredictable, which is the only way it can be fair. Thanks to the RNG, pokies are a game of chance. Had not it been for this device, it would be easy for the operators to fake the results in order to make a profit. Basically, RNG prevents cheating the players. Being a player yourself, you comprehend how important it is, do you not?

Aim for the progressive jackpot

If you really want to win big, look for the slot machines that offer the possibility of landing the progressive jackpot. It can turn out to be the most lucrative feature out of all of them. Even though you can never know if you are going to hit it or not, it is worth the wait, believe me. The progressive jackpot amount can skyrocket, given that it grows every time someone places their bet.

As for the fact that it cannot be predicted, let me explain it more thoroughly. The progressive jackpot does not depend on the combination of symbols, as you may expect from a slots’ feature. It can appear at random after any game, but you can never know if you will get to be the one to unlock it. Other than the fact it can bring big winnings, the uncertainty and anticipation that go hand in hand with this feature are the reason it is so popular among gamblers.

Going on a bonus hunt

You have to admit it – it is quite satisfying to claim a bonus while having fun playing your favourite game. Just imagine the scenario – you are given the welcome bonus upon entering a casino, you use it to spin the reels of a slot machine, and you land the progressive jackpot, for instance. Basically, you have managed to obtain a generous amount of money without spending any.

However, the welcome bonus is not the only bonus you can look forward to. Just like any other casino game, pokies have their share of bonuses. You are familiar with the concept of symbols.

Well, some of them have proved to be pretty valuable. Every slot game has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The characters or objects they depict differ from one machine to another, but their role remains the same. Wild symbols substitute for all the other ones, usually with the exception of the scatter. Therefore, you can form the winning combination even if all the symbols on the reels do not match, provided you land the wild.

The scatter symbol can provide you with a prize wherever on the reels it may appear. Therefore, you do not have to land it specifically on the win line. Not only are they amazing in that regard, but they can also be the key to unlocking bonus rounds, or act as a multiplier. The opportunities are numerous, you just have to choose the right slot.

High volatility vs low volatility

Before you start playing for real money, you need to determine how much you are willing to bet, and potentially lose. Let us be realistic and face it – gambling implies taking risks. However, you will be fine, provided you decide on the amount of money you can afford to invest in this type of activity. When you do, you will know if you want to play high volatility slots or low volatility ones. I will make sure to draw a clear distinction between the two, so there is no confusion.

High volatility slots require you to take greater risks. You need to be aware of that fact before you choose one of these. The payouts are not numerous, but when you get one, it will be large. Therefore, you can end up spinning the reels many times without winning anything. On the other hand, great things are worth waiting for, so you may find this type of slot machines your cup of tea.

Low volatility slots, as opposed to the ones described above, do not imply big risks. You are far more likely to win on them, as the frequency of winning combinations is much higher in comparison to high volatility slots. Nevertheless, the payouts that this type of slots can deliver are significantly smaller.

Now that you are aware of differences between high and low volatility slots, you are probably wondering how to tell them apart. It appears that the casino operators do not give out that piece of information. However, there is a way of overcoming that obstacle without risking any money. The trick is to play for free before you start playing for real money. Many casinos offer that possibility, so use it to your advantage. Try out different slots and take your pick.

Good luck!

As I have mentioned at the very beginning, pokies are a game of luck. Therefore, you will need a stroke of good luck in order to make a profit from them. However, the pieces of advice I have given you will certainly serve as your personal leprechauns that will help you make the most out of every spin. Choose a slot machine that appeals to you the most based on its graphics and theme, because it is far more enjoyable to play a game that tells its own story. Next, make sure the game you have chosen has as many profitable features as possible. When you have checked all of the above, the only thing left for you to do is to have fun and collect your money.

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